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Apr / 24 / 2023

TEAMGROUP’s T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 wins Red Dot Design Award 2023

Global memory leader TEAMGROUP announced today that its desktop memory T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 won the Red Dot Design Award 2023. T-CREATE is an exceptional product line elaborately crafted for creators, providing powerful performances with strong reliability and stability. T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 memory stood out from 7900 global entries and won unanimous recognition among professional jurors. The latest award received reaffirms TEAMGROUP’s presence in the international design competitions by showcasing the company’s strength and creativity in product development.


The Red Dot Design Award is a German prize among the four primary world design awards. Founded by the reputed design institution, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, it is highly influential in the industry and serves as a key indicator for designers worldwide. Starting from 1955, its international jury comprising experts judges on entries’ creativity, solutions, design and concepts. Over 7900 entries from 60 countries competed in the award this year, and T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory prevailed with its sophisticated and high-quality design.


Designed to process massive and intricate creative tasks, T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory adopts a one-piece porous cooling design and high-conductivity thermal silicone for heat dissipation. Equipped with ten layers of printed circuit boards, customized high-temperature resistant capacitor, aluminum anode alloy heat sink, and rigorously selected high-quality IC, it operates with stability while handling massive computing tasks to meet creators’ creative demands. T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory features a maximum efficiency of 7,200MHz with low-latency to deliver exceptional performance and potent stability in complex operations and computing tasks including professional 3D rendering and lengthy, ultra-high-resolution video editing. EXPERT DDR5 enables creators to visualize their designs vividly and professionals of varying expertise to exceed limits in the world of the next-gen technology.


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