Inspiration is a strange thing
it creeps in unexpectedly
when you stare at your cluttered desk
or brush past a stranger in the crowd.
It becomes an eternal masterpiece.
Whether you’re a graphic designer
or a video content creator,
inspiration runs more rampant
in our digital era than ever.
T-CREATE delivers stability, performance, and aesthetics.
so creators can be free to unleash their creativity.

A digital artist, film maker and teacher. I specialise in Blender producing 3D graphics, artwork and animations. I have a strong passion for teaching so the main bulk of my activities is making instructional videos through Youtube Grant Abbitt . My main focus is trying to break down the difficult technical barriers to access 3D art.

Design Concept
The piece is title - Holding Down the Fort. A simple idea of two brothers staying safe by fearlessly protecting their treehouse fort and with that staying creative by creating swords, shields, a makeshift helmet from a colander, "keep out" signs and so on. So a simple and somewhat nostalgic and other ways escapist piece about Staying Safe and staying creative.

ladalidi is a graphic design-based youtube channel which currently talks about everything about adobe illustrator techniques and methods. So that in the future, ladalidi can become a place for designers to find solutions.

Design Concept
Focusing on the theme of stay save and stay creative, stay safe by still using a mask, and stay creative by filling yourself with creativity. There is always hope that this pandemic will end, there is always a sunrise in the next day. At first glance it is just abstract colors but if we rotate the image -90 degrees, we can see the shape of the mountains with the rising sun with blue skies.